drywall medallionIf you’ve ever encountered a drywall problem while replacing a light fixture, a ceiling medallion might just be your answer.

On occasion, if you remove a ceiling fixture that has a large base and are installing a light fixture with a smaller base, you may run into trouble. At the very least, the paint likely won’t go all the way to the junction box, and it may be that the drywall will have a gap that you might see. A ceiling medallion can solve both of these problems.

The medallion will get secured to the ceiling before you install the new light fixture. They are made of different materials and can be caulked into place, screwed to the ceiling and then float over the holes. Some are made of plastic and some are plaster. They can be painted whatever color you choose. You can buy them in ornate styles or very plain styles depending upon the decor of the house. If you are going to paint it, you might paint before you get it on the ceiling and then do any touchups afterward.

Once the medallion is secured to the ceiling, you can install the light fixture like normal although you will likely have to modify the opening on the medallion to expose the box and connections.