ceiling fan temperatureWe’ve all heard that that ceiling fans make a room feel cooler in the summertime. For those of us in the desert, in most houses during the summer, ceiling fans are used every day. It’s not that the fan cools the air, but rather makes you feel cooler with the wind chill effect. Did you also realize that a ceiling fan is a 100% efficient heater?

In order to move the fan’s blades an electric motor is used to turn the blades that move the air. This motor has a byproduct: heat. You can see from the picture that ceiling fans can run hot. This heat is created and distributed in the room. How much of a difference does that amount of heat make? I don’t know, but I would guess it is worth continuing to run the fan as it makes the room feel cooler by several degrees, and I don’t think the amount of heat produced would be enough to offset that cooling effect.

So what should you do knowing that a ceiling fan creates heat as it operates? I will continue to run my ceiling fan and not worry about it. The ceiling fan does a great job of helping a room’s occupants to feel cooler, even though in reality it creates a small amount of heat in the process.