Installing Ceramic Tiles

In Las Vegas, NV, Las Vegas Handyman is the expert in all things carpentry & tile work. If you have ever installed ceramic tiles you like but can’t locate any bullnose tiles for them, there are several solutions to get a professional looking edge. Two of the quickest solutions are to either grind a bevel at the bottom of the tile and then fill in the gap with grout, and using an edge finish like quarter-round.

The fastest would certainly be the quarter round edging. This edging has a flange that gets embedded into the mortar, and then the tiles are set into the mortar. This leaves the quarter round edging as the finished edge that covers the ugly factory edge of the tile. These strips come in various finishes and you can match the fixtures nearby to pull the project all together. The strips are metal and come in various profiles for different tastes; rounded, square, rectangular, etc.

The other option is to back-bevel the tile. You would need to grind off the bottom corner until it reaches near the top of the finished edge. Don’t grind too closely to the finished edge or the top will chip off. Also, make sure the spinning wheel makes contact with the tile as the blade spins down into the tile rather than as the blade spins upwards to the finished surface. This may require that you angle the grinder so that either the front or rear of the blade does the grinding, depending on which hand you use and which direction the blade consequently spins. If you are doing this on a wall, you can create the bevel and then fill it in with grout. If you are at a corner where two pieces of tile meet, you can bevel both pieces of tile and fill the corner with grout. That way, you are getting two finished surfaces with a consistent grout line between them.