handyman tray resized 600A typical handyman repair is fixing drawers. Another common job is the repair of a pullout computer keyboard. Have you ever noticed that drawers and keyboard trays operate in the same way? Repairing each is very similar.

The interesting thing with computer trays is that people tend to place the weight of their hands and arms on them as they type. This leads to quite a bit of stress where the keyboard attaches to the drawer guides. You might see that there is damage in these areas.

Pull the tray out and examine these areas. Look at both the tray and the cabinet where the mating half is located. Look for looseness or slop in these areas. You might need to remove the guide and glue any splits in the wood tray. Use wood glue and clamp the split closed and let it dry for 24 hours. Then you can reinstall the guide.

For the mating half (it may be in a cabinet or the underside of a desk) you may need to remove it and add some toothpicks or golf tees to firm up the holes. For golf tees predrill the hole and then reinstall the screws. A loose tray will tighten up nicely with these repairs.