Avoiding Furniture Scratches on Your Floors

A quick handyman fix for avoiding scratches on your wood floor by furniture is only minutes away. Wood floors are beautiful until they get scratched up. I see this often in home offices where a desk is the culprit. Some people will push away from the desk and instead of the rolling chair moving, the desk does and it leaves marks on the floor in the process.

You can buy little feet for your furniture that will prevent scratches. For desks, there are small feet that have a soft felt-like substance on the bottom, and a pin on the tip (although some are just peel & stick). The pins get tapped into the bottom legs. You may have to turn the desk on it’s side to install the feet, or you may be able to lift the leg and set it down upon the sharp pin. If the wood is soft, the weight of the desk may allow the pin to penetrate fully into the leg.

For larger pieces of furniture, like couches, you can buy feet that have a non-scratching surface on the bottom. These are wider feet that are basically flat with a small rim around the top to keep the leg of the furniture from sliding off. For these you just lift the leg of the furniture and set it on top of the foot. Live in the Las Vegas area? We can help! Give Las Vegas Handyman a call at 702-896-0000.