handyman bedAttaching a head board to a bed frame is a fairly straightforward handyman job. Realize that most beds come with a head board that attaches to a frame, you may find one you want to install. Lots of people make a headboard out of a door or a frame and fabric, but then need to secure them to the frame.

For the most part, bed frames are metal and will have holes at the end for securing a headboard. Head boards typically have legs on them and the legs get bolted to the frame. Not true with all head boards of course, but the vast majority do have legs. If yours doesn’t have legs, you will either need to add legs (to raise it high enough to be seen, as in the case of a door), or you can just bolt it on as well (some head boards made of doors are just hung on the wall at the proper height).

However you headboard is designed, hold it up to the bed frame. It’s a good idea to clamp it in place so that it doesn’t move as you work. Use a pencil and mark the hole pattern and locations on the legs or headboard. Drill out the holes (you might choose to remove the headboard first) and then get the appropriate sized bolts, washers, and nuts. Tighten everything up until snug and then go enjoy a nap.