door knob tightenA loose door knob is an easy repair right? It really only takes a minute and a screwdriver and it is tight again and working normally. But what if you can’t see the screws?

Some people get a little confused though when they can’t find the screws. The screws hold the two halves of the handle together. They mount on either side of the door and sandwich the latch mechanism between them. Turn the handle and it operates the latch.

Over time though the handle will get loose and it’s time to tighten the screws that hold the two halves together. The screws will always be on the interior side of the door. If they are not visible, look to where the handle meets the door. This will be a decorative cover that hides the screw heads. You should be able to pry off the cover with a screwdriver. You might notice that the cover will have a small cut-out in it. This is so you can rotate the cover and expose the screw heads. The cut-out will allow you to insert a screwdriver and tighten the screws (there will be two). When the handle is tight again, rotate the cover back and snap it back down.