DIY Countertop Edging

If you are creating a casual area with base cabinets and a countertop, you will need to plan how to finish the exposed edge of the counter. This can be done in several ways and each is pretty easy.

The most basic is to use iron-on edging. This is a thin veneer with adhesive on the back of it.

You hold it up to the exposed edge and run a hot iron on it to activate the adhesive. You can trim it and stain it to match the surrounding surface.

You can also install a piece of molding on the edge. In many cases the supplier has a selection of moldings that are pre-finished to match the surrounding cabinets and top. This is the easiest method to use if you are looking for a dead-on match of the cabinetry.

The only question is whether to nail it or glue it in place. If you nail it, you will need to fill the holes which never appear as well as an unbroken finish. The other option is to use adhesive to join the strip to the edge of the countertop. This is a great way to maintain the appearance of the strip of molding. You have to use plenty of strips of painter’s tape to hold it in place until it dries. This can be tricky once the surfaces are wet they will slide all over the place. So, have the strips of tape ready and tape it in place. Then you can add more strips to fine tune the placement of the strip and make sure it is exactly where you want it.