picture hanger resized 600Here is a quick picture hanging solution that not only makes hanging pictures a snap, but also quenches your thirst as well. If you want to hang a picture and your frame doesn’t have a hanger, you might give this trick a shot.

Crack open a cold beverage (your choice or not) and break off the tab on top. Be careful at this point because both the tab and the can will be sharp. You can move the tab back and forth until it snaps off. Use pliers and squeeze the sharp area against the back of the tab.

A pan-head screw is a good choice to hold the tab against the back of the frame. Pre-drill the hole in the frame in the center, as you won’t be able to adjust it much when it is on the wall. Tighten the screw into the frame so that the lip of the screw head holds the tab against the back of the frame. You can use a nail or screw in the wall to hang the tab. If the picture is slightly askew, you can move the tab at an angle by slightly loosening the screw and then re-tightening it. Once you are done you can finish your drink.

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