door closerIt’s nice to leave the door open when the weather permits. It’s even nicer to have to door close behind you when you leave. This is all done with a pneumatic closer and it takes just a few minutes to install one.

Most screen doors will come with a closer, but you have to install it. Fortunately, it is easy and the door should come with simple instructions. Basically, you will install a bracket on the jamb side of the door (where the hinges are). Locate the closer at the top of the opening and mount the jamb bracket to the jamb. There will be a gap between the bracket and the edge of the jamb whose size depends on the thickness of the door. The instructions will tell you the correct size gap.

There is a hold-open clip that has to be positioned at the body of the closer so that it opens and closes. You may need to orient it to do this correctly. One end of the closer mounts in the jamb bracket and is held in place with a pin. The other end of the closer secures to the door bracket. You can attach the door bracket to the end of the closer (if it doesn’t already come like that) and mark the position on the door. You can screw the bracket to the door to hold it in place, but you may need to remove it from the closer first. You can adjust the tension with a screwdriver by turning the screw at the end of the closer.