Kitchen Plumbing Services in Las Vegas

A leaking kitchen faucet presents a quandary of whether or not you should repair or replace the faucet. The answer depends on several things. Probably the biggest factor is the age of the faucet. If it is old you might lean more towards replacing it. Along with it being old, there are probably other parts in the faucet ready to break down, in addition to the styling of the faucet being outdated.  So that all adds up to some serious consideration for replacement.

On the repair side of things, it may not cost you anything if you are somewhat handy. Several faucet manufacturers will warranty their faucets for life, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy, nor does it mean that you won’t be fixing something else on the faucet next month. However, a lifetime warranty is a lifetime warranty. Actually I believe they phrase it as a limited lifetime warranty.

In some cases, they will replace the faucet (not including the labor to install it), but that is usually a chore to get done as well. The manufacturer may give it to you for free, or they may deeply discount the new faucet, or they may ask you to pay shipping and handling. Regardless, it is certainly worth a phone call to try to get a bargain.