toilet exhaust fanWhen a toilet (or rather bathroom) exhaust fan stops working, things can get downright musty in there. Not only does an exhaust fan ventilate smells, but also moisture from a shower or bath. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Before you grab a ladder, check to see if a GFCI outlet has tripped. You can press the reset button on the offending outlet to restore power and get the fan running again. You can also check the breaker, but you would see more electrical issues than just a bathroom.

If everything checks out, get the ladder and pull down the grill. They will unhook from the box in the ceiling. The fan plugs into an outlet in the box. You can unplug it and plug in a tester and then turn on the switch. If the tester lights up, it is time to replace the fan. If the tester does not light up, then you are not getting power to the fan and therefore you have an electrical issue to figure out. To verify the fan does work, if you want you can plug an extension cord into an outlet that you have verified is working, and then plug the fan into the other end of the cord.