electical outletReplacing an electrical outlet is a very straightforward job.  When you connect the wires to an outlet, there are different ways to do it.

You might notice that in the back of an outlet are holes where you can push the tip of the copper wire into. The metal connector inside the outlet holds the wire in place. To release the wire, you place something small into an orifice near the hole and it releases the wire. The problem is that these don’t always work as they are supposed to. If the wire has been repeatedly pushed in and out, the wire can have the tendency to pop out of place. That is never a good thing.

Personally, I prefer to wrap the wire around the terminal screw and then tighten the screw down upon the wire. That way I can see and feel the wire being held in place. Make sure when you wrap the wire around the terminal, that you wrap it clockwise around the screw. This is because as you tighten it if the wire moves it will move in the direction of the tightening motion. If you wrapped the wire counter-clockwise, the wire might tend to rotate away from the screw terminal and could possibly lose contact.