Cold Weather Plumbing Tip in Las Vegas

Cold weather is right around the corner in Las Vegas, you don’t want your plumbing to freeze right? Well before the temperature drops too low, take action now.

It happens every year and people know it’s coming, yet they still don’t do anything about it…until it is too late.

It seems the most obvious thing to freeze is the pressure vacuum breaker. These stick up out of the ground. The valve sits on two pipes and the entire assembly can freeze. The pipes and/or valve will split open against the incredible force of expanding ice. It is easier to buy $5 worth of pipe insulation and prevent it.

Pipe insulation comes with a split down one side so you can place it around the pipe (get the right diameter).

Some insulation needs to be taped together and some has adhesive on the edges of the cut so that you can just mate the edges together and they seal around the pipe. At that point you can cut the insulation to length with a utility knife.

If you have any hose bibs that stick out far enough that the piping is exposed, you can add insulation there too.

There are specialty products available for these purposes too. You can buy an insulated dome that is made to look like a rock that you place over the valve. There are similar products for hose bibs.

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